Gut Wrenching – Why Hypnotherapy helps IBS

Speaking as someone who was plagued with digestive problems going back as far as I remember, I know how irratating, painful, and inconvenient IBS is.

It affected my energy so badly, I used to marvel at other peoples enthusiasm for life, whilst I sat there wondering what was wrong with me. For several years I avoided Gluten, as the sysmptoms I had seemed to fit perfectly with Gluten intolerance. This was, as anyone with food intolerances will know, a very costly experience.

In short, it is miserable when you can’t eat what you want and join in with everyone else, and its miserable feeling the dull, ongoing symptoms of IBS.

As I began to unravel my thought patterns, having the lightbulb realisation that when I stopped thinking about things that made me unhappy, I felt happier, my IBS symptoms began to lessen. Because of my Hypnotherapist training I now understand that this is because my improved thought patterns were reducing the cortisol levels in my body, and this was reducing inflammation in my difestive system, as well as in all the other areas of my body.

The better I got at thinking positively, the better my digestive system felt, and anytime my stress levels began to rise again, I could feel the sysmptoms bubbling up again.